My Health Coach Services

We offer a range of packages to suit every budget and every need. We offer a mix of remote support and in person care through the use of our impressive online platform.


...because we want you around!

Registration Fee: $500*
3 Monthly Installments: $700/each
One Advance Payment: $2000

The Diabetes Empowerment programme is a 3 month group health coaching and diabetes education programme offered by My Health Coach Ltd and our Referral Network for clients managing diabetes. Participants benefit from the following services: 

1. Lab tests pre and post programme (HbA1c and FPG)
2. 3 months of Personalised Health Coaching Support and Guidance
3. Diabetes Education lecture series delivered virtually
4. Virtual Support Group with Monthly Meetings in person. Each session will be attended by an expert in different fields (see brochure)
5. Discount incentives from key service providers

*10% off Registration Fee for DATT Members (Diabetes Association of Trinidad& Tobago) or with Written Referral from Medical Doctor


Bring a Family Member Along

We know that having the support of friends and family is important in your journey. Allowing them to be by your side to learn as you learn can mean everything in your long term success. As such we offer you the opportunity to bring a family member along to attend all meetings with you as a silent observer and join your Circle of Care in the app for just $500.00 

Registration ends on Friday September 1st, 2017. Registration is only confirmed after the Registration fee has been paid.


$400 TT/month ($60 US)

Just Checking In is a remote support service which utilises the My Health Coach App. It offers 24-hour access to an online platform which allows health tracking, video chat, care plans, circle of care and more.

This plan offers you 2, 30-minute video appointments with trained and certified health professionals. It also allows daily monitoring by your health coach with at least one weekly intervention.



$750 TT/month ($112 US)

The Close Attention package offers close monitoring and support using both in-person care and remote support done via the My Health Coach App. This app offers 24-hour access to an online platform which allows health tracking, video chat, care plans, circle of care and more.With this package you will also receive one in-person visit with your health coach every month and two, 30-minute video appointments per month. Point of Care tests are performed at every person in session as listed below.You also receive daily monitoring by your health coach with at least one weekly intervention. 


$625 TT/month ($93 US)

Add this package to any of our packages (except The Full Works Package) and receive two visits with a Certified Dietitian. In these visits you will receive an in depth nutritional assesment and personalised nutritional plan to achieve your goals at a cost that is 10% cheaper than the usual cost.


The following point of care tests are performed at every Health Coaching session (in-person):

1. Total Cholesterol     2. Blood Glucose     3. Blood Pressure      4. Body Fat percentage     5. Visceral Fat     6. Weight

The Full Works Package

An Investment in your greatest asset....YOU!

Jump Start your Healthy Living Journey with a three month Group Training Programme with Individualised Services.

Lab Tests. Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician. Certified Dietitian.Exercise Training.Health Coaching

Lab Tests 


Pre &Post Programme

-Bun/Urea  -Creatinine      -Uric Acid      

-SGOT       -SGPT               -ALKP

-Cholesterol -Triglycerides   -HDL  

-LDL             -VLDL               -Risk Factor

- HbA1c      -Fasting Blood Sugar

-CBC (5 part differential, Hb & Hct included)

Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician Visits

Two Visits

Medical Evaluation & Lab Results Review


Group Exercise Sessions with Performance Specialists- 3/week

Three Sessions/week
Exercise Sessions with Movement Screening, Baseline Strength and Body Composition Analysis

Certified Dietitian Visits

                                                          Four Visits

Individualised Nutritional Assessment and Care Plan


Health Coaching Support

Come Right In Package
This package offers a mix of remote and in person support. It offers the use of the My Health Coach online platform/app to track your health, video chat, view care plans, share with your circle of care and more.