Health Behaviour Change Programmes

My HC & ME

3 Month Personalised Health Coaching Programme

*$1800 TT ($265 US)


$2200 ($324 US) with Dietitian visit

Personalised attention and extended accessibility to your Certified Health Coach sets this programme apart and sets you up for long term success. Online meetings with your coach fortnightly, allows for a tailor made care plan to be assigned to you in our mobile app. You will complete weekly activities that aim to develop the skills and the understanding you need to make your lifestyle change long lasting.

The My Health Coach App allows your Coach to monitor your activities closely for that much needed support and accountability. Our app offers 24-hour access to our online platform which allows health tracking, video chat, care planning, family support and more.

Point of care tests (as listed below) at the beginning and end of the programme gives you a snap shot of your health status and allows you to see how far you’ve progressed at the end of the programme. You’ll quickly see why our evidence based approach sets us apart.

*Pay $1800 up front or pay $1000 at registration and $800 at the beginning of the second month. Please note that if you select the Dietitian option that fee must be paid up front.

**We also offer longer payment terms, available via Standing Order payments. Click here for more info.

Point of Care Tests

1. Total Cholesterol     2. Blood Glucose   3. Blood Pressure     4. Body Fat percentage 5. Visceral Fat 6. Weight


3 Month Group Health Coaching Programme

*$950 TT ($139 US)

TEAM CHANGE offers you all of the benefits of support and accountability in a group setting. Weekly online group meetings, activities and group support all come together to create the ideal environment for improvement and sustainable change. You get the same great benefits of our evidence based My Health Coach Approach with a communal twist.

*Pay $950 up front or pay $650 at registration and $300 at the beginning of the second month.


**All current Health Coaching Clients get a 10% discount on any of our Exercise Programmes