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Ivory Hayes

Certified Health Coach and Founder of My Health Coach Ltd

"Coaching is about expanding people's capacity to create their desired future."- 

ACE Health Coach Manual

"I started My Health Coach because I truly believe that health coaching has the power to transform the life of a client. My eleven years as a health professional has made it clear that there needs to be a change in the way we approach health issues whether it is in preventing disease or managing an existing condition. We need to employ strategies that allow you, the client/patient to be a part of the process because it is only then that we can truly empower you to change your habits and thereby change your life"

About Us

What is Health Coaching?

It is defined by the American Academy of Family Physicians as helping clients “gain the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to become active participants in their care so that they can reach their self-identified health goals.” As such it relies heavily on health education and focuses on working with you the client to generate solutions to your health related barriers.

Who are We?

We are Certified professionals who are passionate about helping you become the healthiest version of yourself. All of our Health Coaches are qualified health professionals, with Health Coach Certification received from the American Council on Exercise, the only Health Coach programme approved by the NCCA (National Commission for Certifying Agencies). This training programme focuses on the three key areas of behaviour change, nutrition and exercise.

We will provide you with the support and motivation you need to take control of your health. Whether you need help managing a chronic condition like Diabetes or Hypertension or just want to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle, we can help!

Vision & Mission


To build a healthier population that understands the importance of combining education, proper nutrition and physical exercise on the journey to good health. To create a mind-set that focuses more on sustainable lifestyle changes and not merely physical appearance.


To offer our clients a transformative health experience that is sustainable and effective, one that encourages the individual to seek a healthy lifestyle and approach weight loss goals from a health enhancing perspective.
We utilise a mobile platform to increase engagement and support for our clients. Through assessments, individual education and skill development we will enable our clients with practical tools to effectively set and meet their health goals.